The Ryco RC5-120B boat hoist is designed for your standard pontoon boats and v-bottom boats. With an inside width of 120" any standard 8ft 6" wide boat or pontoon will fit great in this hoist. The RC5 features a vertical travel of 59" in just 52 seconds of travel time! At a 5,000 lb capacity, there is no more waiting around on the dock to crank the boat out of the water. Simply push the button on the wireless remote and the lifting platform of the hoist will move up or down at a distance of up to 200 ft away. All Ryco boat hoist are engineered with a deep 36" valance canopy frame allowing your tower and canopy style boats to tuck under the canopy frame without folding the tower down. Choose from several canopy colors, bunk options, and load guides to finish your lift to protect your investment. And it's all backed by a Ryco 10 year limited warranty!


  • 5000 lb load capacity
  • 120" Inside Post Width
  • 12V Hydraulic pump operation
  • 59" Vertical Travel
  • 36" Canopy Valance
  • Canopy frames in 26', 28', 30, and 32' lengths